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Useful Identity theft Tips

Useful identity theft tips for victims of the Target security breach. Most people know that their identity and personal information can be stolen electronically as well as by paper.

Here are a few Identity theft tips that could save guard your identity from unscrupulous people and sources.

Identity theft tips

  1. You should monitor your credit history or your profile. You need to ensure that someone is not using your information to acquire loan or credit.
  2. You should download software from sources that are reputable. Do not download programs or open files that you don’t have much information on.
  3. It is advisable to go out and purchase a paper shredder. A paper shredder can be used to shred all of your financial documents that would have been normally lying around your house. This would prevent your paper document from being dumped in your garbage where anyone can have access to it. Continue reading
prevent identity theft

How to prevent Identity theft in America

Identity theft is popular activity that has affected countless of Americans. Every American should know that they are not immune to it and that it is necessary to be proactive in order to prevent it from happening to you. With being proactive you need to figure out how to prevent identity theft. There are several ways to do this though. You should be able to quickly recognize changes and you should always be on the alert.

How to prevent Identity theft

You can start by acquiring an anti-identity theft program. There are several programs on the market but it is up to the consumer to do his research and find the best one that he is comfortable with.  Continue reading

Internet monitoring and terrorism

Government surveillance on the internet

Most of you may know that the government is the main body that is in control of what happens in the country and whatever they decide to do in whatever situation will always have an impact on your life whether directly or indirectly. So isn’t it wise to know about the government and the surveillance that they do on the internet? Find out the government, surveillance and government surveillance on the internet.

What is the government?

This refers to a body that governs a state, country or people and the internet refers to a network that is global and connects millions of computers.  Mixing the two and the people of the USA allowing the government surveillance on the internet is a dangerous and hot topic! Continue reading

National Security Agency

What is the national security agency?

What is the national security agency? The cryptological organization of the United States is responsible for coordinating and directing highly specialized activities to ensure the protection of the information systems of the United States.  They are also responsible for producing foreign intelligence information.

National security agency history

By order of President Harry Truman the National Security Agency was established on November 4, 1952. The decision to have this agency complete was finalized after the nation broke German and Japanese codes during World War2. This contributed to allied success against the German U-Boat threat in the Atlantic and the victory at the battle of midway in the pacific.  It also contributed too to many other successes of this kind. The decision that President Truman made to establish the NSA was followed by several studies about how you can use the same methods to continue to do code breaking work even after the war. Continue reading

computer intelligence decryption

What is NSA data mining and how are you being affected?

Introduction to NSA data mining

The agencies of the government that is concerned with security, intelligence, and law enforcement are the National security agency (NSA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Though each agency is separate there come situations where they may need to correspond and exchange information so that they can achieve a breakthrough on a specific case. The people who work in these areas are highly specialists in their field.

The National security agency is seemingly the least known and the most poorly understood government intelligence agency of all the ones in existence. It is a combination of the central security service and a crypto logical organization. This organization protects sensitive information by decrypting foreign intelligence and generating encryption keys to protect American information. Continue reading

cell phone monitoring

Learn about Accessing and avoiding Cell phone Surveillance

Techniques for cell phone surveillance

Though cell phones are primarily used for keeping in touch (originally) via text messages and phone calls their capabilities have far excelled. They can now be used to track your location, plan your daily and get in touch with contacts automatically. Though you might like to think that you cannot be tracked because certain options on your phone are not active this is not true. There are still ways that make cell phone surveillance very much possible. Continue reading

USA Patriot Act

What do you know about the foreign intelligence surveillance court?

In 1978 the congress in the United States commissioned the foreign intelligence surveillance court as a special court that is presided over by seven federal district court judges who reviews applications for warrants that is related to national security investigations. These judges are taken from the different judicial circuits in the United States and they serve for no-renewable terms of no more than seven years. The formation of the court was an essential part of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (92 stat. 1783). The court requires that the government obtain a judicial warrant before they can start any intelligence operation.

The act was in response to a study done by the senate select committee with regards to governmental operations in regards to their intelligence activities. There were allegations that they were abusing the executive authority in regards to how they conduct domestic electronic surveillance in the best interest of national security. Also under the Fourth Amendment some kind of judicial warrant might also be required to conduct some form of national security related investigations. Continue reading

arrest records,

How to find Public Records in your State

Once an individual has been arrested in the United States all information regarding the arrest and or subsequent conviction is a matter of public knowledge. The freedom of information act has made it legal for law enforcement agencies to share criminal records for individuals on their websites as well as it can be accessed from their office. Once you know how to find public records it is easy to find information on individuals you suspect to have had a criminal history. You will also be able to verify the credibility of individuals you allow around your children and family by extension. Continue reading

stealing another individual’s identity

How to protect your Personal Information online

There are numerous threats to the security of personal information online. Many of these hazards can cause serious material loss and immense reputation damage for the unfortunate individual who has their personal information misused or abused by someone with malicious intentions. Being dispossessed of their identity is among the worst violations that one can suffer when the unscrupulous actions of a hacker are perpetrated against them. This identity theft threat is one that is seemingly growing more and more ominous as technology advances and increasing numbers of Americans get reliable and consistent access to the World Wide Web. Fortunately, there are a number of measures that can be employed to combat the dangers posed to the privacy of their various types of sensitive data. Continue reading

Internet based fraud

All about Internet Fraud

In the United States, criminal activities that involve perpetration of a fraud through the use of the Internet or computer may take many forms. One common form of Internet fraud includes “hacking” where the perpetrator uses sophisticated technological tools to remotely access a secure network or computer location. The next common criminal activity involves the illegal interception of an electronic transmission. It includes the interception of private information such as credit card information, passwords and other types of identity theft. Continue reading