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God is the Internet

Internet is God

God returns in the form of Google

Some religions have taken to the internet, others block it and deem it evil and will punish their ‘flock’ if they are caught using it. Regardless, the internet now boasts a “user base of 34%” of the total global population.

Has Facebook become the devil or an angel in disguise, you tell me… Perhaps Facebook is the new Judas, who betrayed Google.  Are we all not the children of God?

Unless the stats we researched are completely off, and we mean way, way off – this leaves the internet population at a staggering 2,405,518,376 users!  Reference to stats:

No matter what religion you believe in – if you are a believer, you have to concede that your God is all knowing.  Now, the Internet has become all knowing!   Is Google the new God?  Perhaps the reincarnation of Allah has arrived as being Microsoft?  Seems possible to me, shouldn’t it be looked at?

Like religion, most entities of power exist only to govern people and create revenue.  Well, there is an original thought –  Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple all of the greatest of power!  Does the internet not govern people?  Through fact, fiction and desire to be, have and do – the Internet provides us with all the answers, interaction and solutions we want, right?  Google may be God?

Now don’t get your undies in a wad, your religion is not under attack here – its just evolved to the Internet.  What does your God think about all this?  Whom ever he /she or “it” is – it shouldn’t take much intelligence to realize that the internet is power, wisdom and controls the thoughts, actions and voices of the largest ‘collective’ population of human beings!

What is so shocking to me is that despite the basic evolution of intelligence through science and true reflection on history and knowing that most of the religious teaching are carefully crafted and selected story’s and were created to govern man, we still cling to this Internet as many do a religion!  We ignore that the governments across the globe are fighting to invade privacy while practicing our Internet religion and that the media is blasting its bias (paid for) messages through your monitors and screens!

Even through our most basic levels of evolution, we didn’t learn that religion causes more wars than any other cause, we don’t care that our governments are spying on us – we are lazy, numb and incompetent of our own ability to govern ourselves.  So, we must bow down to the ones we serve – the Internet, our Governments and the Media!

We have no choice now, we are still a global society searching for all the things that the Internet offers and therefore Governments, Religions and of course our Media all want to control the Internet!  Just think about it for a minute!

Take a look at a few of the news articles on privacy this week:

Glendale Unified School District stalks students twitter accounts

Glendale Unified School District

Bong picture is seen on Twitter by school district

Don’t you wish your kids would think before they speak, let alone before they tweet pictures of bongs on Twitter?  Well, now is the time to have that discussion with them about the impact of social media and school board officials stalking them.

The Glendale Unified School District paid $40,000 to a firm to monitor its students Twitter accounts.  Yes, that is right – when there is a shortage of teachers, low moral, un-monitored class rooms and teacher pay ranks up there with the guy at the car wash – this is where the school district in CA deems it a priority to invest.

Now, they can try to use security as an excuse but  we would like the school district to know that a number of our writers in California would like to offer to become security guards during school hours at $40.000 a year, to assist with security!

What needs to happen is very simple:  The parents and the students of the Glendale Unified School District need to blast the council members for squandering tax dollars and tweet their asses off sharing to the names, phone numbers and home addresses of all the Glendale Unified School District Teachers and Staff – especially, the Council!

computer hacking

Is Your Computer’s Camera Being Hijacked?

I’ve been thinking about how much more of my communication is done digitally lately. Long gone are the days of writing letters, reading the personals, and having to remember phone numbers. These things have moved aside to make room for emails, instant messaging, Craigslist, and my contacts list, with its seemingly infinite capacity to remember exactly how to reach everyone I’ve ever made eye contact with. I then got to thinking about how glad I am to be able to Skype my family, and all of the fun videos I’ve made with my son on photo-booth, pretending to be deep-sea diving or on a roller coaster. I remember growing up and watching The Jetsons, dreaming of the day live video calls were possible. Now they are, and they’re wonderful, but they all interact with the camera that’s spending most of the day right in front of my face. I had to stop and wonder how much Internet privacy that little camera affords me, and what would happen if that was compromised? Continue reading