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To think you have any privacy on the internet is – well, just funny! Your being watched and monitored with every click of the mouse, with every post of a pic, every tweet and thanks to our friends at Google – every search you perform! Internet Privacy is like an honest politician – it does not exist!

So, you think you know who is watching you? You know why, right? No, you really have no idea! There is NO Internet Privacy!

Why and who would be watching me:
25% e-commerce use (to sell you more crap, including media)
75% government use (provided by Google, Facebook and all the cell phone providers)

Google privacy concerns

You should know by now, there is no privacy on the Internet!





 privacy protection
Do you know who is fighting for your privacy and rights, even though you have NO idea they are doing it?  We do, its the Electronic Privacy Information Center!
If you, like so many others, haven’t taken the time to get to know more about them – now is the time!
It is very important to understand that your personal and private information must be protected and in order to fight the BIG Government, it takes a lot of resources and money!
Our most sincere thanks go out to the folks at the EPIC – Electronic Privacy Information Center, there would be little to no chance of having anyone challenging the privacy issues that are raining down on every American, without them.
Thank you EPIC and please, keep up the good fight!  Please take the time today and reach out today to the team at
Marc Rotenberg, President
Deborah Hurley, Chair
Pablo Molina, Treasurer
Grayson Barber, Secretary
Christine Borgman
David Farber
Charlie Firestone
Addison Fischer
Pamela Jones Harbour
Joi Ito
Jeff Jonas
Peter Neumann
Ray Ozzie
Deborah Peel
prevent the theft of your identity

How can I Keep my Personal Information Private?

The Internet is used for many purposes, both business and pleasure. For both, the user is expecting some level of privacy. However, many malicious parties and software can easily capture your private information, which will either cause you a lot of embarrassment or loss of money.

It is easy for individuals to get extremely comfortable while on the World Wide Web. Its use has become so much a part of our everyday lives that we are unable to see certain dangers unless of course we experience them first hand. Of recent, many are becoming victims of identity theft. Continue reading

Online harassment

What can I do if someone is stalking me online?

Stalking refers to the act of intentionally and repeatedly harassing or threatening an individual over a specific period of time. Previously, such an illegal act was conducted directly in person. However, the wide availability of Internet access has caused it to shift from being a direct act to one which is now primarily online-based.

Online stalking also known as cyber stalking is facilitated through electronic means of communication such as email, social networking sites, discussion forums, instant messenger, online dating sites and text messaging. Continue reading

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

What is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act?

In 1978, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, FISA was signed into law. However since the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2011, it has been repeatedly amended.

This law governs the statutory procedure for the requisition of judicial authorization for physical searches and electronic surveillance of persons who are deemed to be engaged in espionage or international terrorism, on behalf of a foreign power or agent of a foreign power within its borders. In other words, the Intelligence Surveillance Act provides direction for seeking authorization to carry out federal collection (electronic observation or physical searches) for foreign intelligence information. Foreign intelligence information refers to any information deemed necessary to protect the United States from sabotage, an actual or potential grave attack or international terrorism. Continue reading

NSA spying program

If NSA Agents Spied on their Lovers, Are we Stupid Enough to think they aren’t Spying on all of Us?

It is not recently that governmental agencies are collecting information on the public. It is possible that details of every citizen’s life, from birth to death, are recorded in some government file. However, members of the public entertained the belief that they were able to enjoy a certain level of privacy. The controversial NSA spying has however, removed that belief, as both phone and Internet communications can be accessed by the government.

This power to spy on the public is given to certain agencies, specifically the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. However, a warrant is needed and it is only to be given in cases where the nation’s security is an issue. Continue reading

What is the US Secret Foreign Intelligence Court?

The USA has been subjected over the years to terrorist threats, most recently the well-known September 11 attack. As a result, it is somewhat understandable why the government has put in place stringent measures to secure its borders. These measures include surveillance of those within its borders and outside, to some extent.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA Court) authorizes warrant requests for surveillance of intelligence agencies within the U.S. that originate in foreign countries. These agencies may be suspected of something untoward. Continue reading

National Security Agency (NSA)

Why is Google, Facebook and Many others Letting the NSA watch me Online?

The National Security Agency (NSA) has been in the news recently and almost everyone that uses the Internet should be concerned about what many consider a mass information gathering effort on the part of the government. This heightened concern follows Edward Snowden’s controversial leak of secret NSA documents.

The documents show that the organization is collecting information on an unknown number of people. The documents indicated that the agency was collecting what is called telephony ‘metadata’ from one of Verizon’s companies. Data collected included call records and was done on a daily basis, over an extended period. Continue reading

Criminal public records

What Exactly are Public Records?

Public records are documents that are made available to the general public under the Freedom of Information Act. The information contained within these documents is commonly utilized for making assessment of an individual or affairs of the state.

Theoretically speaking, any document that is covered by taxpayer funds should be made available to the public. However this is not always the case, as some states have specific laws that dictate which records are open and which have restrictions imposed for particular reasons. These reasons often include the cases where the file in question will jeopardize national security, infringe on an individual’s privacy or interfere with a trial. Continue reading