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cybercriminals thrive to steal identities

Be careful with your “Internet freedom”

Every man, woman, boy and girl has access to the Internet. Through this medium, they are able to communicate across borders, learn new things, organize thoughts and develop ideas. The luxury of this concept is often classified as “Internet freedom”.

While this is indeed something that everyone enjoys having, it can prove to be quite detrimental to all those who partake in it. Why is this so? This is due to the fact that in enjoying the liberty of “Internet freedom”, they fail to look at the bigger picture which involves safety. With the access to personal information, unsuspecting individuals are able to manipulate and exploit for their own benefit. Continue reading

Internet surveillance mechanisms

How Internet surveillance helps prevent identity theft

Protecting your valuable information is critical in ensuring that you are not a target of one of America’s fastest-growing criminal acts. Which offense is being referred to? Easily one of the most damaging – the occurrence of identity theft. There are reports which indicate that millions of Americans are victims of this phenomenon on a yearly basis and while more and more mechanisms are being implemented to curb the offense, there is nothing to prove that the offenders are slowing down. Continue reading

privacy and safety online

Internet privacy laws that citizens should be interested in

Though it is not a common “dinner table” discussion, it is important that citizens stay in the know with all the regulations and laws that could affect them. One particular topic in this category is Internet privacy laws.

The purpose of Internet privacy laws is to define how and what the government and private entities can do with the information that is stored or transmitted through the World Wide Web.

Below are four of the laws that US citizens should concern themselves with. Continue reading

Internet protection measures

Top ways to Protect yourself from Internet threats

Threats, in any shape or form, are not welcomed by any individual. While there are many measure that you may utilize on a daily basis to protect yourself physically, it should not be taken for granted that Internet threats can be just as detrimental.

Understandably, not everyone has the requisite knowledge to go about safeguarding their personal information, so here are some of the top measure you can explore to protect yourself from Internet threats:
Continue reading

Identity Theft Resource

All you Need to Know about the Private Information Act

The data and records of customers and citizens of the United States businesses and government must apply increasingly complex laws and regulations to ensure that their information is protected. To ensure that this is done in the correct way, people depend heavily on the private information act.

Accepting the U.S. personal information protection laws is often times difficult because of the amount of laws and regulations that affect and relates to these issues. According to the Identity Theft Resource there were more that 79 million records that were reported compromised in 2007. Due to the increase in data collection and methods that are easier to use to collect this information protecting personal information has become quite a task in businesses and government entities. Continue reading

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What is Cyber Crime and How can you Prevent it?

Cyber is a technical term that is related to and associated with computers and computer networks.  It is especially more so, involved with operations that are done on the Internet. On the other hand, security, a common term used by individuals today, refers to a state or condition of freeness from dangers or threats.

What is cyber security?

With the definition of cyber and security above, cyber security can therefore be appropriately described as the protecting of computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorized and intended access that may result in modification or even destruction. Continue reading

cloud technology

What is Cloud Computing?

Once you are an Internet user, you have used the cloud. Users might not understand what the cloud is but once you have used e-mail before, you have most definitely used the cloud.

What is the cloud?

The cloud refers to the storage and accessing of data and programs over a broadband connection instead of a storage device such as your computer’s hard drive. In other words, the cloud can be described as the Internet. The fundamental principle behind the cloud is pretty simple and straightforward. The cloud allows any and everyone to execute applications on their computers without having to make purchase, installation or having been able to manage their own servers. Everything that hosts your information, applications and files remains hidden from your sight. Be assured however that your information is available to you when you need it. These remain within the metaphorical cloud.

Continue reading

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What can I do to Promote Network Security?

A network is comprised of two or more computers that are connected in order to share its resources, exchange files and even allow computers to communicate. These resources that are shared include printers and others.  On the other hand, security refers to freedom from risk or danger. In effect, network security refers to the protection of computer networks from different threats and risks.

There are significant reasons as to the need for network safety or protection arises. Problems over a network arise for the following reasons: Continue reading

security of a computer

What is Computer Security and What Does it Involve?

Many people are concerned with the security of their computers as a result of the many threats and security risks that are inclined to affect computers that are connected to the Internet. With all these online threats on the rise, there became the need to put computer security (CS) measures in place.

What is computer security?

As the composition of the terms, computer and security, highlights the security of a computer. It refers to the protection and safety of computer systems and the data and information that is stored within. Continue reading

Internet security

Common types of Internet Security Software

There are various types of Internet security software products on the market today. Some claim to offer comprehensive protection against all online threats. On the other hand, there are numerous others which boast only of reducing the dangers posed by specific hazards. Some of aforementioned alternatives are extremely costly, requiring their purchasers to shell out significant sums of money to acquire the type of protection that they purport to offer. On the other hand, there are numerous others which cost users nothing upfront. Continue reading