To think you have any privacy on the internet is – well, just funny! Your being watched and monitored with every click of the mouse, with every post of a pic, every tweet and thanks to our friends at Google – every search you perform! Internet Privacy is like an honest politician – it does not exist!

So, you think you know who is watching you? You know why, right? No, you really have no idea! There is NO Internet Privacy!

Why and who would be watching me:
25% e-commerce use (to sell you more crap, including media)
75% government use (provided by Google, Facebook and all the cell phone providers)

Google privacy concerns

You should know by now, there is no privacy on the Internet!





 privacy protection
Do you know who is fighting for your privacy and rights, even though you have NO idea they are doing it?  We do, its the Electronic Privacy Information Center!
If you, like so many others, haven’t taken the time to get to know more about them – now is the time!
It is very important to understand that your personal and private information must be protected and in order to fight the BIG Government, it takes a lot of resources and money!
Our most sincere thanks go out to the folks at the EPIC – Electronic Privacy Information Center, there would be little to no chance of having anyone challenging the privacy issues that are raining down on every American, without them.
Thank you EPIC and please, keep up the good fight!  Please take the time today and reach out today to the team at
Marc Rotenberg, President
Deborah Hurley, Chair
Pablo Molina, Treasurer
Grayson Barber, Secretary
Christine Borgman
David Farber
Charlie Firestone
Addison Fischer
Pamela Jones Harbour
Joi Ito
Jeff Jonas
Peter Neumann
Ray Ozzie
Deborah Peel