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What is Cyber Crime and How can you Prevent it?

Cyber is a technical term that is related to and associated with computers and computer networks.  It is especially more so, involved with operations that are done on the Internet. On the other hand, security, a common term used by individuals today, refers to a state or condition of freeness from dangers or threats.

What is cyber security?

With the definition of cyber and security above, cyber security can therefore be appropriately described as the protecting of computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorized and intended access that may result in modification or even destruction. Continue reading

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What is Cloud Computing?

Once you are an Internet user, you have used the cloud. Users might not understand what the cloud is but once you have used e-mail before, you have most definitely used the cloud.

What is the cloud?

The cloud refers to the storage and accessing of data and programs over a broadband connection instead of a storage device such as your computer’s hard drive. In other words, the cloud can be described as the Internet. The fundamental principle behind the cloud is pretty simple and straightforward. The cloud allows any and everyone to execute applications on their computers without having to make purchase, installation or having been able to manage their own servers. Everything that hosts your information, applications and files remains hidden from your sight. Be assured however that your information is available to you when you need it. These remain within the metaphorical cloud.

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What can I do to Promote Network Security?

A network is comprised of two or more computers that are connected in order to share its resources, exchange files and even allow computers to communicate. These resources that are shared include printers and others.  On the other hand, security refers to freedom from risk or danger. In effect, network security refers to the protection of computer networks from different threats and risks.

There are significant reasons as to the need for network safety or protection arises. Problems over a network arise for the following reasons: Continue reading